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Preserving Nature’s Legacy: Conservation Photography Goes Mainstream

Some unique initiatives have sprung up in recent years to make it easier for eco-conscious photographers to use their work for the greater good.

Hum’s The Word: Hummingbirds to Your Garden the Natural Way with Native Plants

Thousands of landowners across the United States take great pleasure in turning residential gardens and backyards into suitable habitats for hummingbirds.

Frans Lanting: A Bridge to the Natural World

Professional photographer Frans Lanting continues to delight his fans with his vision of the natural world as seen through Nikon glass….

Riding High on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Good times riding a mountain bike on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, a former rail line through the mighty second-growth forest of the Cascade foothills.

Kayaking: Indulging the Senses in BC’s Broken Island Group

Kayaking in the Broken Islands off the coast of British Columbia is a nature lover’s dream, especially if you like old-growth forests and teeming wildlife.

Tidal Power: Is There Green In Going Green?

Tidal power is coming to the masses soon thanks to pioneering efforts by companies like Puget Sound Tidal Power, AquaEnergy, and Finavera Renewables.

Whale Watch: Get Scientific on an EarthWatch Expedition

Seattle Magazine, May 2007
By Roddy Scheer

When is a vacation more than just a vacation? When you combine it with the opportunity to do some good…

Spend a week on a remote island outpost off the wild and woolly coast of British Columbia tracking whales and roasting marshmallows over an open fire? Sign me up. That’s……

Beach Walk

Tidepooling at Discovery Park in Seattle: Family-Friendly Fun For All Ages

Passion Fish

Lummi Islanders Keep Ancient Practice of Reefnet Fishing Alive

Perched atop a 21-foot tower on a fishing barge in Legoe Bay off Lummi Island in the San Juans, Riley Starks peers into the water, scouting for incoming schools of wild sockeye salmon. Two deck……

Shasta Getaway

Lovers of lakes, mountains, fresh air and adventure should head for the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in northern California.