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The People of Portage Bay & Environs Before The Denny Party
Agua Verde Paddle Club Blog, May 2022

Seattle’s Houseboats & Floating Homes: Past, Present & Future…
Agua Verde Paddle Club Blog, May 2022

Seattle’s Counterbalance? The Awe-Inspiring, Wide-Open Landscape of the Palouse
Seattle Magazine, October 2018

At Takhlakh Lake, Enjoy A Quintessential Out-Of-The-Way NW Camping Experience
Seattle Magazine, July 2017

Yearning To Leave Civilization Behind? A Visit to Stehekin Comes Close
Seattle Magazine, July 2017

From Skiing to Sleigh Rides: Take a Trip to Sun Valley
Seattle Magazine, February 2014

A Greener Blue Lagoon
E/The Environmental Magazine, October 2013

Naturally Spectacular: Glacier National Park
Northwest Travel, June 2013

Fishing with Duke: Extreme Sourcing with the Man Behind Duke’s Chowder House
Seattle Magazine, May 2013

Orca Spotting on the Salish Sea
Northwest Travel, March 2013

Building a Better Building: Bullitt Center Raises the Bar for Green Commercial Buildings
E/The Environmental Magazine, January 2013

Under the Arches: Desert Discoveries Around Moab, Utah
E/The Environmental Magazine, November 2012

Magnuson Park’s $13 Million Makeover
Seattle Magazine, November 2012

Meet Seattle’s Newest Invasive Plant
Seattle Magazine, August 2012

Summer Fun at Mt. St. Helens
Northwest Travel, Summer 2012

Foodies Afloat: A new kind of moveable feast comes to the San Juan Islands
Seattle Magazine, June 2012

Left in the Dust: Improper Cleanup and Communication Compromised the Health of People Living and Working Near the World Trade Center Site
E/The Environmental Magazine, September/October 2011

Built to Last: The 9/11 Attacks Have Ushered in a New Generation of Safer, Greener Skyscrapers
E/The Environmental Magazine, September/October 2011

Bicycle Diaries
Celebrating Urban Bike Commuting in Seattle
Shopping for Groceries on Your Bike
Julia Busts Out the Helmet Cam
The Competitive Side of Bike Commuters
Seattle Magazine, May 2011

The Ultimate Coast Guide: Olympic Peninsula
Seattle Magazine, April 2011

Ice Age: The Monday Night Delights of Hockey
Seattle Magazine, December 2010

Into the Wilds: Slowing Down Time in the San Juans Islands
E/The Environmental Magazine, March/April 2010

New Networks for Conservation Photographers
Popular Photography, December 2008

Passion Fish: Lummi Islanders Keep Ancient Practice of Reefnet Fishing Alive
Seattle Magazine, September 2007

Riding High on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail
Seattle Magazine, November 2006

Frans Lanting: A Bridge to the Natural World
PhotoMedia Magazine, Summer 2006

Preserving Nature’s Legacy: Conservation Photography Goes Mainstream
PhotoMedia Magazine, Summer 2006

Treading Lightly in Alaska: Living It Up In Sadie Cove
E/The Environmental Magazine, December 2005

Destinations: Mount St. Helens, Roddy Scheer captures the volcano’s explosive beauty
PhotoMedia Magazine, April 2005

Peru’s Wild Life: A Trip to Rainforest Expeditions’ Posada Amazonas Restores the Human Senses
E/The Environmental Magazine, September/October 2004

Seeking Sanctuary: Our National Wildlife Refuge System In Trouble
E/The Environmental Magazine, July/August 2004

Parks As Lungs: America’s Urban Forests Make Environmental and Economic Sense
E/The Environmental Magazine, July/August 2004

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